Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, the chief executive officer of Charger Limited, producers of Happy Man Bitters, Happy Man Ginger Liqueur and Onaapo Atadwe Ginger, started the year on a very motivational and rewarding note. Charger limited which made waves in 2019 for winning a series of awards including Promising C.E.O of the year (private sector) at the NiBS Innovation Awards 2019, Young entrepreneur of the year and emerging brand of the year 2019 at the 3rd Chamber Business Awards 2019, has decided to reward its workers for their hard work and dedication to helping achieve the vision of the company. The reward came in a grand style with a lot to feast, music to entertain as well as the appearance of celebrities such Akrobeto, Windy Shay and Precious Mensah (PM) winner of Di’Asa season 3 fame to entertain the workers. Aside the feasting and entertainment, Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, as part of an initiative to give back to the workers as well as to motivate them, gave awards to 9 selected outstanding workers. These awards came in the form of a certificate, a plaque and a cash amount of Thousand Ghana Cedis to each awardee. As if that was not enough, he gave a 25% increment in Salary to top 3 awardees and all staff had 25% of their previous salary as beginning of year gift. Speaking at the event, Dr Emmanuel Bortey Borketey used the opportunity to share the success story of the company and to mark its 8th year since establishment. He touched on a lot of topic including the struggles at the initial stages, the need to stay focused and be a visionary, the loyalty of some of the most trusted workers, the need to be good to everyone around you and above all the need for workers to be dedicated and submit to their various jobs. These he stressed are the road maps to being successful and blessed.

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