Bugadam Rowland Daliwe is a prolific gentleman who has a passion for graphic design and marketing.  They young graphic designer has over the years gathered various design skill set that makes him a ready asset for brand solutions.  He had his secondary school education in Navrongo senior high school from 2009 t0 2013 where he studied visual arts. This was a major step to becoming the Graphic Designer he is today. After completion of senior high school, Rowland engaged in all forms of design related activities enabling him to explore and further deepen his knowledge in Design. He found himself working as a designer with various graphic design companies, exposing him to graphic design in the real world. With dedication and a spirit of self-centered learning, Rowland started learning web-design, motion graphics amongst many others from YouTube. In 2015 he gained admission into the University of Education-Winneba, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.a) in Graphic Design for four years.  By this time Rowland was now exposed to a wide array of tools for solving various design problems and gained a much deeper understanding and perspective to how communication design is essential in this 21st century. Rowland graduated from the University of Education in 2019. He has special skill sets in corporate branding, web design, motion graphics and animation, cinematography and photography, social media marketing and advertisement as well as brand and corporate communication.