Effortlessly making it into the hall of fame year after year for doing what he enjoys, Dr. EMMANUEL BORTEY BORKETEY bags home the award for Outstanding Young Industrialist of the year 2019 at the MIGA AWARDS held virtually on Saturday 19, 2020. Building generational brands and superior products is an embodiment of his personality and not a business. Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey has always believed in quality first, all other things naturally come next . This can clearly be seen looking back at how he started Charger Limited with a handful of people in his garage in 2012 to what has become a multiple award winning company that has given birth to subsidiaries. His resilience gave birth to Happy Man Bitters, Onaapo Atadwe Ginger, Happy Man Ginger Liqueur, Happy man Face Mask, Charger hand Sanitizer , Charger transport and an under the pipeline Carbonated Soft Drink venture under Happy Man Beverages all under the umbrella Charger Limited. This award just goes to add to the already multiple awards Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey Won last year for Young Entrepreneur of the year 2018. Clearly, this shows consistency and prove that the award for Young Industrialist of the year 2019 won by Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey is well deserved.

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